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disflowersWe’ve had a lot of snow days this winter. One of the nice things about the copywriter job is that it doesn’t require me to be in the office, so those work out nicely for me. I generally spend the day on the couch in pajamas with a cat. My day-long distraction looks something like this.

Work still pays the bills. Got addicted to Attack on Titan because of it. I figure if I have to write copy for the same franchise a bunch of times and see only more of its products coming in to the warehouse, I should probably do my homework. Except for MLP. Robert Jordan fans – Wheel of Time is next on the list. On a related note, I wonder how many households record both Sister Wives and The Walking Dead on Sunday nights at 9.

Went to the Spurs vs. Wizards matchup a few weeks ago. Definitely got my money’s worth. Two overtimes. More Tim Duncan than any other game this season. ;) Seats were interesting. I won’t get them again, but they weren’t horrible. They were right behind the Wizards’ media section in the corner. spursgame14Was surrounded by Wizards loyals who got a little annoying, but they weren’t too mouthy because there were a lot of Spurs fans in the house. The shot is Tim taking a free throw. You can see John Wall on the far side with Bonner behind him in the new mask. Not a great shot. Mostly in there just so y’all can figure out vaguely where I was. And yeah, the zoom’s on.

Planning a very Shakespeare birthday. Going to see Richard III on birthday night, and then a friend is taking me to see Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead performed in repertory on Saturday. And, yes that may be in here just so I can use the phrase “in repertory.”

17 February 2014 | 6:26 pm
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